Housewarming Party Checklist

Web_Main Level-Kitchen_1You just bought a new house. Congrats! Now it’s time to show it off to your friends and family.

Don’t worry, it’s the 21st century. You can throw your own housewarming party. And since it’s the 21st century, don’t feel pressure to send out paper invitations. If you want to, great. If not, stick with something like a Facebook event. It’s super easy. Plus, guests can see who else is going.

Now on to the fun stuff  the party checklist!


  • Finger foods are great for house warming parties. They’re easy and don’t require a lot of utensils. Pick foods that are delicious, yet easy to eat.
  • Place your food station in an accessible area. Also, try to put it somewhere that accentuates the space. So, if you have a large window with a view, put your food station there so your guests can enjoy it.


  • Stock up on the essentials, especially if you plan on having a big crowd. Make sure there is plenty of toilet paper and hand soap for the influx of people.
  • Put fresh hand towels out and keep extra towels readily available.

Living areas

  • Depending on the size of your crowd, you may have to get creative with your seating arrangements. While standing is great, no one wants to be the only one standing if everyone else is sitting down.
  • It’s probably best not to leave family heirlooms and expensive pieces out during a housewarming party. They could get knocked over and ruined. If something is near and dear to your heart, make sure it’s in a safe place before your guests arrive.


  • You want your home to smell nice and inviting. Put some candles or wall plugins around your house. Both are good options to make your new home smell great.
  • Directions, directions, directions. Make them succinct and easy. Landmarks are always good to include as well. Yes, a lot of people use GPS or the phones, but it’s always nice to have written directions as well.
  • Background music can make your party really come together. Choose a playlist that you think your guests will enjoy.
  • Pictures are always a fun way to remember events. Switch it up and have a polaroid camera float around throughout the party.
  • If you plan on giving tours, give them in waves. If you try to do a grand tour with all of your guests in tow, it can feel cramped. They won’t be able to appreciate your new space if they’re shoulder to shoulder with everyone else.

After the party

  • Thank you notes don’t go unnoticed. Write sincere thank you notes to all your guests for coming and for their gifts.
  • Relax. You threw a great housewarming party.