Guest Bedroom Essentials

Having guests visit your home is exciting. You want your guests to feel at home, or even better than “at home.” That all starts with the guest bedroom setup.


Here’s how your guest bedroom can get rave reviews:

  • Simplicity — Guests don’t want to walk into their respective bedroom and see clutter. It’s best to find another hiding place for all your yard sale items.
  • Bedding — Buy high thread count sheets and a substantial duvet/comforter. Also, make sure the mattress is comfortable. It doesn’t have to be top of the line, but it shouldn’t be a 20-year-old mattress from your college apartment either. Don’t forget the pillows. These are personal preference — whether you like down, memory foam, etc. — pick a certain kind and stick with it. Speaking of pillows, decorative pillows make a big difference. You don’t need a lot. Too many are annoying, but a few can make a bed seem more homey.PIC_2432_small
  • Reading material — Put some recent magazines and books on a shelf or in a basket under the bedside table. Don’t put a 1,000 page presidential biography, stick to short reads that your guests can enjoy at bed time.
  • Lamps — Lamps can add a lot of ambience to a room. Plus, a bedside lamp is important for your guests reading at night. The overhead light can be too bright.
  • Mirrors — Mirrors are great for a lot of things, like making a room feel bigger than it is. If your guest bedroom as small, utilize mirrors and natural light.
  • Extras — We all like different things. Be sure to include a basket of extra pillows, blankets, robes, etc. That way your guests can use what makes them comfortable.