Guest Bathroom Preparation

You don’t have to make your guests feel like they’re at the Ritz, but these little touches will make them feel comfortable during their stay.

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  • Extra towels — Make sure to have extra towels readily available. You can use your everyday towels for you, but get higher thread count ones for your guests to use during their stay with you.
  • Bath stuff — Include some bath bombs, bath salts and oils for your guests to enjoy with baths.
  • Robes — Your guests will feel appreciated and relaxed with robes on hand.
  • Reading materials — Include some recent magazines and other short reads.
  • Extra toiletries — Include extra cotton balls, Q-Tips, toothbrush, toothpaste, razors, face wash, etc. This will save your guests an extra trip to Target in case they forgot stuff during packing.
  • Shower supplies — Chances are your guests didn’t bring all of their shower supplies, so include good shampoo, conditioner, soap, etc.
  • Candles — Candles are great for relaxation. Include some subtle candle options for your guests to choose from.
  • Flowers — Flowers can brighten anyone’s day. Get some fresh local flowers to greet your guests.
  • Hamper — Don’t make them guess where to put their used towels. Place a hamper in the bathroom to make it easy.
  • Snacks — Sometimes guests get hungry outside of normal eating hours— we’re all human. Include a few granola bars or other snacks in the guest bathroom.

Now you’re all set to have a great visit with your guests!