Top 3 Reasons You Should Buy a New Home Rather Than a Resale

Curtis Homes new home

Buying new vs. buying used — what’s the best option for you? No, we’re not talking about buying a car, we’re talking about buying a house. Here are some things you should consider.

  1. Money and Energy — Many times, buying an existing home comes with a long to-do list that will cost you valuable personal time, as well as your hard-earned money. New homes are just that — new. You can start living your life as soon as you’ve unpacked, rather than delaying the process with a fixer upper. If you’re thinking about a fixer upper, determine what your budget is, then add about 20 percent for all the unexpected costs that will inevitably pop up. Another thing to remember: Today’s homes are built to today’s standards, not the 1970s or 1950s or whenever an existing home was built. New homes are built to be more efficient, even more so than just five years ago. They’re made to be more energy efficient, which in turn can lower your utility bills.467 English Oak Ln
  2. Quality and Design — This plays off of our first point, but modern construction means a more structurally sound home. That being said, new construction methods and technology will ensure that your home is up to standards. As for design, today’s homes are planned around the needs of today’s families. That means open floor plans, higher ceilings and ample storage space that you might not find in a 40-year-old home.467 English Oak Ln
  3. It’s All New — It’s nice to know that your newly-built home is covered by a 10-year warranty. Whereas, when you buy an older house you have to factor in potential costs like: What’s the remaining lifecycle on your heating and air conditioning, water heater and other essential appliances?

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